by MAYa

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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


MAYa New York, New York

MAYa made four EP's between 2008 and 2014.
She is from England and lives in New York.


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Track Name: Embrace comfort
Embrace comfort you smile upon my solitude

in the evening a guarded understanding

you stand alone in your magnitude

force the back door gaze through my window

emmerse your hands back into the soil

please dont take off your coat

please dont take off your coat

once i thought interests ruled the heart

looking back im still armed

differences will not sustain

kuala in my arms

find, keep, found, peace

comfort in the morning

a.m look through my window
Track Name: Allyoueverwanted
my keeper comes alive where are where are

i need my family tonight

blood on the walls up in the highrise

watch me fall

help me if you want to only if you want to

forgotten children how are they doing

wooden chest is torn and in ruin

your not wanted here.

watch your pets fall and dissapear

synthetic in sides fill most of your friends

glass button eyes nothing to hold onto

last time i saw a halo halo came onto me

last time i kissed my fellow a child conceived

your not gonna fall only if you want to
Track Name: four unit family
you ignore the holes in the fire as you try to keep warm

plain keeper who fuels your persuasion is bitter and worn

well placed then to have married a coward

before the others were born

breathe in breathe out your fueled by jealousy

so confused by his daughters place in your four unit family

time passes and so does a mother

no note not even a word, a threat around my house

a clasp to secure the guilt within

steamed and pressed under your skin

breathe in, breathe out, you use my heart
Track Name: The Takers
i can pass the day i can find my own way

I get through the day on my own

i get through my own way.

shut out my heart needs you

observe the doubt absent of sound

in my own way

all expression let it out

observe the sound absent of doubt

all expression let it out

can i call on you three years later

lie down shut out my heart needs you

braids of sweat form a noose

my mind is open

will i selfishly destroy

two weeks later breakdown

further all i take and enjoy

my affection my arms

my arms were open

take and enjoy