by MAYa



released February 20, 2014

Sebastian Mlynarski percussion
Sean Regan engineer



all rights reserved


MAYa New York, New York

MAYa made four EP's between 2008 and 2014.
She is from England and lives in New York.


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Track Name: moral disease
jealous mind, the one i bought
Comes back, for I am bored
Careless mind, the one i bought
Take me back,for I am bored
Available, your sentenced too (what if i hold another)
Angry, you don't know, (this is death to me)
what if I hold another (what is right)
what is far, ignore (this is death to me)
Generous mind, the one i bought
I don't mind for i am yours (medicate)
Jealous mind, the one i caught
You are unkind, I can't ignore ( medicate, sedate)
Casual lovers, in traffic drones
Shall we lock up , hear in tear ducts
generous minds, the one i bought
shall we hold up, here inside and have fun.
shall we lock up our doors (seems drastic)
shall we lock up all doors (could it be fantastic) shut em down
curious mind, the one i heard
For i don't mind, cause you can't hurt
blah blah slip away (we hear this every day)
hold on , well be fine ( shall i leave and turn away)
the more he speaks the less i know
the more he speaks the further i go.
the moral disease.
and the blah blah